2012 Molten Summer Slam
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Oshkosh West

Club: Oshkosh West
Team ID: 20

Friday8:30 AM2Pool 2 (18VR1P2M1)L 0-2Germantown #217-25,19-25
Friday10:30 AM2Pool 2 (18VR1P2M3) Ref 
Friday11:30 AM2Pool 2 (18VR1P2M4)L 1-2NC Cardinal 125-27,25-21,14-16
Friday12:30 PM2Pool 2 (18VR1P2M5)L 1-2Fort Atkinson18-25,25-16,11-15
Saturday8:30 AM11Pool L (18VR2P11M1)L 1-2Waukesha West Var Silver25-9,18-25,16-18
Saturday9:30 AM11Pool L (18VR2P11M2)L 0-2WI Heights Var20-25,23-25
Saturday10:30 AM11Pool L (18VR2P11M3) Ref 
Saturday11:30 AM11Brass Bracket (18VR3F1BM1)L 0-2Arrowhead Red21-25,20-25
Saturday12:30 PM11Brass Bracket (18VR3F1BM3) Ref 
Tournament Complete -- No Further Assignments.

Final Finish: 35th out of 36